Now I’m sure there are some people out there that will say I’m not fat… but the fact of the matter is, I am. After a Thanksgiving feast I’ve just stepped off the scale, tipping it out at 225.6 and 32.1% fat. Just to put that in perspective, 32.1% of 225.6 is 72.4… as in 72.4 pounds of FAT! Now I’m not sure how much fat is in a can of Crisco, but I gotta believe I’ve got about 12 or more cans of it buried somewhere inside of me.
Let’s face it. The Holidays are probably the worst time of the year to start a diet let alone stay on a diet. Yeah, I know… it’s not a diet, it is a change of life style. Watch what you eat, exercise, and all that rot… I’ve tried it before. A year ago I got down from 225 to 204… but look where I am. Right back where I started.
Oh well… here we go again. Maybe this time it will be different. (insert chuckle… not from me… from anyone reading this!)
My goals for this blog… document what I’m doing. Whether it is right or wrong, I’ll write it down. According to the National Health Organization, I’m not in the minority anymore. We’re all fat and need to do something.
Hopefully… if anyone reads this, it will inspire you. Hopefully this will be more "Do as I Do" rather than "Do as I Say". Time will tell.
This is probably the worst picture of me ever taken… Maybe I should tape it to my wallet so I can look at it before ordering lunch… and then to the frig to look at before I reach for the ice cream… and my desk to motivate me to get out of my chair and do a few sit ups… heck… let’s just make wallpaper out of it!